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What should you to know if you purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 7

First of all, it absolutely does not matter if you have no trouble at all using your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Samsung said that every single on of their brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones should be returned and that they will replace it.

The Samsung is really in the middle of recall for their brand new product which they have recalled early in September when they discovered that there were several cases in the world of their brand new Note 7 phones bursting into flames or even exploding, leaking dangerous chemicals and almost seriously injuring some of the people that used it.


Many of these buyers, decided to replace their phones for other Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, but the Samsung said they they will also replace Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for another phone, respecting the customers wish. Almost half of the US customers decided to replace their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for another of a same kind.

The unfortunate thing is that those replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones were also kind of a not working properly. Because of the major battery flaw, they used to heat up so badly that some of the video footages all over the internet showed that some of these devices could really explode and that are dangerous. Of course that is not the case with every single Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Although the proper replacement for this beast of a phone, and also a flagship model of Samsung company in 2016 is not revealed yet, the Samsung is trying their best in order to announce it as soon as possible. Gaining trust of millions of customers will be hard, but we believe that Samsung is a huge company and that they will handle it really well. Although many people are saying that this is the end of an era for Samsung and that people will no longer trust their products, these are only bad rumors and they can not be correct in any way.

Samsung stopped manufacturing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and they are working on a replacement phone, knowing what happened to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 they will probably never ever make the same mistake again, because they are who they are – Samsung.

So if you already bough your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, here is what should you guys do. Samsung will give you your money back, or if you choose, you can exchange your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, or you can exchange it for a different Samsung model. You should take it back exactly where you guys have bought it and check the local Samsung website in your region to see what are your options.

In many countries this problem is not fixed yet completely but do not worry, it takes time to process all these complains and replacements, you will have to be patient.

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