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Remove iCloud Lock

Free service how to Remove iCloud lock from iPhone

In this article we offer you a guide how to Remove iCloud lock from iPhone permanently by IMEI code. Apple implemented the feature “Find my Phone” in all IPhone models in order to protect its users from unauthorized use of their personal data as well as from thefts. And this tool proved to be very effective because since its implementing the number of thefts reduced drastically. How ever, there are many users who complain about this feature. It may happen sometimes the Activation lock feature to be activated even in cases you don’t want it. And if this happens, your phone will lock and you won’t be able to use it anymore.

Remove iCloud Lock

How to Remove iCloud lock from iPhone

You can do two things to help yourself solve this problem. The first one is to ask for professional help. That is to go to an official Apple’s store and to ask them to remove the lock on your phone. But, of course their service will not be for free. The other thing is to try to solve the issue by yourself and not to pay for that. This would be possible only if you use our official iCloud Lock Removal Tool.

And what is even more important is that everyone can use this tool, even those who don’t have computer skills, because the procedure is very simple.

Step by step how to Remove iCloud lock from iPhone

Follow this instructions and you will finish the process of how to Remove iCloud lock from iPhone successfully.

  1. Download the tool from the links on our official website
  2. Install it on your PC and connect the locked phone via USB cable to the PC
  3. Select which model of iPhone you are using from the provided list
  4. Add the IMEI code of your device. If you don’t know it, just dial the number *#06#, it will immediately appear on you screen.
  5. Provide a valid e-mail address.
  6. Wait while the process is taking place.
  7. After the remove is done, you will be informed via your e-mail that the remove is finished successfully.
  8. Download the latest version of iTunes and restore and update your phone.

After the rebooting of the phone, you can now create the new ID and password which you will use in the future. This is the easiest and simplest method for how to Remove iCloud lock from iPhone. Download the ICloud Lock Removal tool now!

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